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2021 Committee Announcement

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

2021 Committee Announcement

We held our 2020 AGM on the 29/10/2020 and I would like to welcome and announce our 2021 committee:

President- Patrick Hagan Vice President- Robert Mosman Secretary- Tania Cutler Treasurer- Kimberly Green Registrar- Sally Regan General Members- Nathan Green, Brad Smith and Tony Scott

We will be announcing the 2021 season information and registrations very soon, we will be opening registrations for the following teams: Under 8.5s Under 9.5s Under 10.5s Under 11.5s Under 12.5s Under 14.5s Under 11.5s Girls Under 13.5s Girls Under 15.5s Girls

As well as taking interest in 2021 coaching positions, it’s definitely going to be a fun and exciting season in 2021 at the Eels!

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