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Unfortunately AFLQ have received too many complaints about Umpire Abuse each week in SEQ Juniors, Youth Football and Seniors. Please note this is NOT tolerated by our Club, any other Clubs or by AFLQ. Anyone caught abusing any Umpires will be asked immediately to leave the venue and a possible fine handed out to the individual or individuals.

Also there has been a increase of foul and offensive language being used by players, coaches and spectators this season. Please be aware any player caught using offensive language will be sent out by the Umpire, any coaches or spectators will be asked to leave by the Ground Marshall. Again this will NOT be tolerated by our Club, any other Club or by AFLQ.

Lastly, a reminder that in youth football parents are not allowed to sit within the coaches boxes, AFLQ have received many reports of more than the officials being in there. Please note: 2xCoaches, 1xteam manager, 1xrunner and reserve players are only allow in the coaches boxes. Water runners must stay out of the boxes at all times. Also please note that no parents are allowed to enter the field at any time during the games.

Everyone is trying their best on and off the field each week to ensure our kids are out there having fun playing AFL with their mates. Please if you see or hear any of this behavior at our oval, at away games please report it to the Ground Marshall. We all need to help to stop all this and make it a fun and enjoyable experience for our kids and families.

All this is a general reminder to ALL Clubs in SEQ and QLD.


Trick President

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